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Arborist reports & tree removal in Quinte West, Northumberland County and Durham region.

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Professional tree service, specializing in tree removal, pruning and general tree maintenance. We have served the Durham Region area since 2007. Our company is fully insured and certified and provides free estimates.

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There are several warning signs that you may want to take into consideration when deciding on whether you need to cut that tree down or simply require pruning services: Is the trunk damaged? Vertical cracks, large wounds may be a sign of internal decay. Is the trunk hollow? Hollow trees lack the structural integrity and are more prone to falling. Do you notice rotting or large fungus on the base of the tree? This could be a sign for internal rotting and should be evaluated.Does the tree lean to one side? This could signal that the roots are weakening and the tree is at risk of falling. Is the tree within close proximity to power or electrical lines? Trees at risk of touching electrical lines can pose a serious threat and cause expensive damages.It is recommended that you consult a professional arborist to evaluate the safety and risks to determine if removing a tree is necessary.